Enter new markets in Africa and the Middle East. Obtain commercial partners in Germany and Europe.

Quality from Germany and Europe is convincing all over the world.

Our customers in Africa and the Middle East are constantly on the lookout for high quality products like those manufactured in Germany and Europe. We offer these customers comprehensive advice when choosing their European commercial partners. With us, you find the partners that match you and the products you need.

Long-standing personal local contacts create confidence and speed up the conclusion of contracts. All parties benefit from this fact – providers and clients. Our demand on socially and economically acceptable solutions is high. This enables us to safeguard your success in an ethically conformable and long-standing way.

Our team works in a highly professional manner; it connects, plans and supports you along all stages of the future co-operation. Our global network provides us with the necessary contacts and possibilities for getting information.

We understand the cultures and speak the languages our customers do. This makes negotiations easier and our internal knowledge of dealing with authorities speeds up business.

IBACOS assumes responsibility: We are participating in development projects in Africa to improve the social structure there. Apart from that, we support projects to protect the climate.

Take a look across the horizon. Discover growing markets. With IBACOS. Your specialist for commercial agencies, international sales and trade.